COPY-The do's and don'ts of men's fashion

Guys, have you asked yourself recently, "Why should I care what I look like?" Well, we've got a few reasons that might give you pause: A good-looking guy in a stylish outfit can make more money, elevate his career, influence others...and, of course, it can't hurt too much in the romance department either.

Fashion expert Alison Deyette, asserts that every guy needs to have a suit on hand.

"Generally we lean towards a navy blue suit, because it's going to go with a lot in your wardrobe and a lot of different shirts," she says.

And she says to mix it up a little -- go bold. Stop going for the safe, white button-down shirt or the standard, striped navy blue and red tie. Alison says, "I have seen that countless times and frankly, it's getting a little dull."

Be creative with your wardrobe! Choose different patterns, whether you're choosing colored shirts, patterned ties or even better -- going pattern with pattern.

But here's the key: Keep it to two patterns per outfit so neither of the two are distracting or clashing with each other. And keep the patterns more subdued.

Next tip: Always think about matching your belt with your shoes. If you're going to go with a dark belt, go with dark shoes.

Make sure your pants reach the top of your shoes, because nobody really wants to see your socks. The hem should have a little break in it, that way when you're walking down the street they won't suddenly look like women's capris. Also, always remember dark with dark again when it comes to your socks.

And now for the age-old dilemma: Tucked or untucked? Alison says that button-down shirts should always be tucked. T-shirts and sweaters, however, should be untucked for a comfortable, more casual look.

When it comes to jeans, buy darker denim that fits well. Not up to your waist...not down on the ground.

Two final fashion tips for men: Remember that fabrics like linen or styles like your Hawaiian shirts are summer weights and styles. Wools and leathers are winter-weight fabrics and styles. They should never be worn at the same time or in the same season (unless the weather permits)! If need be, keep them in separate closets.

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