Shape Up Showdown victory

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Small victory to pass along about one of our eight Shape Up Showdowners.

Jonesboro Police Officer Chad Henson tells us he's one inch smaller around his waist.

He says he is watching his diet closely and working out at least five days a week, but he says the food is his biggest struggle.

Ann Graeber the Director of Nutritional Services at St. Bernards sits down to talk with him to talk about his pitfalls.

She says Chad and you can't get results without both diet and exercise.

"Honestly I think it's half and half because if you are not doing both you are not going to get the results," said Graeber.

If you'd like to congratulate or encourage chad in his new healthy lifestyle hit up the KAIT Shape Up Showdown Facebook page. Also, while you are there consider encouraging the other seven folks on the same path.

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