ASU Welcomes Three New Health Clinics to Campus

January 27, 2004--Posted at 6:12 p.m. CST

JONESBORO--Jonesboro's newest health facility celebrated it's official opening Tuesday.

St. Bernards Health Care and Arkansas State University will have three clinics under one roof on the ASU campus ...not just for students, but for the public as well.

A traditional ribbon cutting celebrated the official opening of three clinics.  The building houses the ASU Student Health Center, the First Care Acute Care Center and the St. Bernards Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Services.

Rick Stripling is the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, and is pleased with the services on the ASU campus. 

"We think it's great. We think it's a great opportunity it's a great partnership, and it's something that uncommon and not found within the state and within the region," said Stripling.

The First Care Clinic and the Sports Medicine Rehab CVenter are both opened to the public...and if you are a sick student at ASU, you're in luck.

"The health care that we provide is no cost to our students. In the event that they have something that demands more attention then what we can provide, then there's an opportunity there for the students to be able to see a health care provider, but also to be able to get back on track," said Stripling.

The facility which is more than 14,000 square feet features some of the latest technology in medical equipment...and the convenience of a walk in clinic.

"If you need to walk in we'll work you in and I think that has lead to a lot of patient satisfaction," said Dr. Stephen Golden, a physician at First Care.

The St. Bernard's Sports Rehabilitation Center features a state of the art swimming pool. The pool is used for aquatic therapy and rehabilitation and it also has a water current of 14 miles per hour, which can pull a skiier.

Sam Denton is the Manager of Rehab Services at St. Bernards.  He says the facility is capable of treating anyone with an orthopedic injury.

"If someone gets injured in sports it's usually an orthopedic problem, a strain or a sprain or a fracture...but we can take care of any number of problems that are related to the muscular skeletal system in this facility," said Denton.

Dr. Joseph Kosinski of First Care said, "Everyone in Jonesboro, not just ASU students and faculty, but everyone in Jonesboro can make use of this's a great place, we offer a lot here."

The St. Bernards Development Foundation secured a grant from SBC to provide the latest technology for wireless communications between the clinic and St. Bernards.