Flooding continues in Jackson County

GRUBBS, AR (KAIT) - Even though the rains have stopped, the waters continue to rise in Jackson County.

Dale Hurst has lived around Grubbs all his life. Flood waters from the Cache are not unusual to him. "Two-Three-Four  year ago it didn't do this. Evidently it's plugged up on the other end somewhere. But every time it comes a bit of rain it gets over the highway and it didn't used to do this."

In the Spring, Grubbs was flooded by backed up water from the Cache.

Now Mayor Jack Ivy says they are keeping a weather eye out.

Ivy, "It will continue to rise from the water North of us probably for the next 3 or 4 days."

Mayor Ivy already has a re-lift running to pump out the rain water trapped by the towns' levee.

Ivy, "But the water we will be getting in 2-3 days will be from the North of us and all the overflows and stuff."

Ivy said he saved sand from the Spring and has several piles located around town and there are still sandbags sitting ready to be re-used.

Ivy, "We're gonna be doing sandbags just wherever needed . We've got some low lying areas down here. We're probably going to have to start a row of sandbags down the highway here if we don't get something to build a wall with."

Ivy says hopefully the Army Corp of Engineers can supply some temporary walls to shut off the levee. If not...Ivy, "Otherwise we're going to have to sandbag as high as we can and hope for the best."

In the Spring the Field's houses were flooded out. Today Jimbo Fields was using a trakhoe to build a levee around their houses that are located right next to the river.

As the Cache rises more roads will flood around Grubbs.

I stood right off the intersection of Highway 18 and 37. The water around me was from the Cache river which was about 50 feet away from where I was standing. Highway 37 was totally covered up behind me for about a mile.

Although the signs in Grubbs say 18 is closed and on the West end it says "No Through Traffic." Both signs were pretty much being ignored by vehicles splashing through the water.

Dale Hurst has lived near Grubbs for most of his life and admits to hopping a barrier.

"I have, I have driven across the water when it was supposedly closed but you're taking a chance and taking a chance with your billfold. "

But he's not risking it today nor should anybody else really.

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