New Caller ID Rule for Telemarketers Goes into Effect Today

January 28, 2004 - Posted at 5:04 CDT, updated at 7:18 a.m. 1/29/04

WASHINGTON, DC - If you have caller ID, take a look at it starting today when the phone rings...and you'll know if a telemarketer is calling.

Federal regulations require telemarketing firms to identify themselves kick in today.

Up until now, telemarketing calls had shown up on Caller ID as "out of area."  But either the name of the company trying to make a sale or the firm making the call now has to pop up, along with a phone number customers can call to tell the company to stop calling.

The new regulations are part of the rules setting up the do-not-call registry.  The telemarketing industry was against the registry, and an appeal is pending.  But it supports the Caller ID requirement, saying it gives customers "the Trump card" - the option of doing business with someone if they don't want to.

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