Finding Easier Ways to File Taxes

January 29, 2004 · Posted at 5:52 pm CST

JONESBORO — Buying a used car these days will not only get you a new set of wheels, but also a down payment. Car Today in Jonesboro is offering a special deal during tax season.

"We're able to actually do your tax return here and then use part of the refund as a down payment," said General Manager Francis Chatman.

Chatman says this is a win-win situation for both parties.

"It's a win situation because we're able to sell a vehicle and make that relationship with a customer," said Chatman.

But if you're not wanting a new car, and just want money back from Uncle Sam, Southwest Church of Christ is another place in Jonesboro that offers free tax service. Every Wednesday volunteers come in and you don't even have to be a member of the Church to get help.

For those who would rather file from the comfort of home, many internet websites offer online tax filings. For example, the IRS has what they call Free File. But not everyone qualifies for this service. They urge you to check out their website before getting started. Yahoo also promotes a Turbo Tax program. It's supposed to guide you every step the way; calculate and double check your math. But unlike Free File, this one will cost you a minimum of 10 dollars.

And if you're a traditionalist, and would rather seek the help of a professional, H&R Block is right around the corner.

"We try to keep it not going into their private life, but still we as the preparer have to ask some private questions to determine how they qualify to file and what kind of income they have," said Gayle Primm with H&R Block.

H&R Block does charge a fee, but they're happy to help answer the question that everybody wants to know.

"They're interested how much am I going to get back this year," said Primm.

Arkansas has changed its tax deadline. Instead of May 15th, state taxes are due with federal taxes on April 15th.