GCT prepares for shuttle bus shuffle

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Coming January 2nd Greene County Tech High School students will be making the big switch. It's when the students will finally start classes at the new facility. It's going to mean some adjustments not only for students, but also managing the way buses transport students.

Greene County Sheriff Dan Langston has helped direct traffic at the Greene County Tech Main Campus for twelve years. "There's 41 buses that we handle everyday," said Langston.

Forty-one buses, that come next semester, will be making some adjustments. Right now, buses only make the rounds between the Primary and Main Campus. The new high school will add another stop in mix. Transportation Director Keith Davis says the district has already started planning ahead.

"The bus drivers have been on board. We've practiced on four different occasions over the last two months," said Davis.

Davis says the flow for the morning schedule will be fairly simple. It's the afternoons, that come first week, could pose a problem.

"We'll have to retrain some kids, but after a couple of days that training will be very minimal," said Davis.

Davis says one issue involves timing. The way they've worked it out, 4 buses will come from the high school, the other 38 from the Main Campus to meet in the middle at the Primary school. At that point, kids will have to play musical buses.

"We're going to transfer some high school kids from four buses, and also transfer some 3rd through ninth grader that are having to ride from the Main campus to the Primary School," said Davis.

For parents, as far as pick up traffic at the Main Campus, there shouldn't be much of a change.

"The only car traffic that will probably change is going to be the 450 students and teachers that are leaving this campus and going to the new high school," said Davis.

Davis says faculty has talked about afternoon traffic flow with students onto Highway 49 from the new campus. But, the first week will be the most challenging.

"It's going to be the toughest by far. Students learn quick. The students don't worry me. It all the other local traffic we have. We're installing a new stop light. Traffic that has been running 49 South for 10 or 15 years are not used to a signal light there," said Davis.

The new traffic light will be installed on Highway 49 at East Greene County Road. Davis says they've been assure that the light should be up no later than December 27th.

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