Ag Expo Opens

January 30, 2004--Posted 4:30 p.m.

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR--Hundreds of Region 8 farmers gathered on the campus of Williams Baptist College in Lawrence county today for the annual ag expo. It's an opportunity for famers to learn about the latest techniques and technology.

The expo is sponsored jointly by the chambers of commerce and extension offices in Lawrence and Randolph counties.

"They are 35 percent of the economy in our area and we just do this as an appreciation effort," said Wayne Gearhart, the Executive Director of the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce.

For most farmers the ag expo is about learning how to grow a better grop, cheaper, and therefore putting more money in their pockets.

Rice and bean farmer John French said, "At the production meetings we leard how to do a better job raising rice and soybeans, cheaper and better.  And hopefully make a little more money."

"You know an event like this tells all the farmers in the area that we really do appreciate all they do for the community. They don't get the respect they deserve and they really do feed America," said Luke Gazaway of Precision Ag Service.

This is the third year Lawrence and Randolph counties have joined efforts for the annual ag expo. Next year it will be held in Pocahontas.