Full House Expected to Consider Two New Revenue Bills

January 31, 2004 — Posted at 10:16 am CST

(Little Rock-AP) -- The special session on education reform
could be moving into its final week Monday. The eight-week
session has resulted so far in a school consolidation bill that the
governor didn't sign because he said it didn't go far enough and a
school-funding formula that legislators hope will meet state
Supreme Court review. Legislators also have passed higher
accountability standards for students and schools.

What's left is a way to raise the additional 400 (m) million
dollars to pay for those school improvements approved in the
special session. Legislators are focusing on a state sales tax
increase of seven-eighths of a cent along with an increase in
corporate franchise taxes.

Next week, the full House is expected to take up the two revenue

(Little Rock-AP) -- The Legislature is considering taxing some
services that currently aren't taxed to raise money for the state's
education system. Under a proposal that would raise the state sales
tax by seven-eighths of a cent, tattooing, body piercing and
electrolysis would be taxed.

Here are other untaxed services that would taxed for the first
time if the measure passes -- boat storage and docking fees,
camping spaces, dry cleaning and laundry, locksmith services,
gutter cleaning, pest control, pet grooming, and wrecker and towing

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