Study Shows South Number One in Poverty

A study conducted by the Brookings Institution says the rural south is number one when it comes to poverty levels in the US.  The study looked at earned income tax credits across the nation.  The credit is designed to help poor working families get out of poverty.

The numbers show nearly a third of all families in the rural South were poor enough to recieve federal help.  Across the nation more urban families claimed the tax credit but the rural South lead everyone in percentage.

The study concludes the government needs to help rural communities fight poverty just as much as the inner city.  Locally cities like Marked Tree say they have several programs to help the under privledged.  Those programs include a county clinic and local food bank.

Marked Tree mayor Lawrence Ashlock says while change is coming, "it will take time to do all that stuff."

He says a higher tax break and civic pride will go a long way in fighting rural poverty.