Study Shows South Number One in Poverty

RC, the crime fighting, drug sniffing, kid casual, German Sheppard police dog has passed away.  K-9 officer and RC's handler John Shipman says the dog will be missed.  RC was four years old.

While foul play is not supected police have sent the canince to Little Rock to undergo an autopsy.  Shipman says RC's last bust came just a few days ago when he was responsible in getting an ounce of meth and seven thousand dollars off the streets of Jonesboro.  Coincedently, RC was bought for just over seven thousand dollars by the local Rotary Club.

RC served the community for three years.  Being held responsible for over 150,000 dollars worth of illegal goods coming off the streets just last year.  No one knows for sure how much total he is responsible for but say he will be missed.

The Jonesboro police department thanks the community for their help.  Many finding out the canine passed away just today.  Public support has been swift howver with many businesses giving donations to the police department.  Officers now ask any and all donations to now be donated to the DARE program.