New Developments in the Amanda Tusing Case

February 5, 2004 -- Posted at 7:17 pm CST

JONESBORO—Hollywood based psychic Carla Baron is consulting with the Tusing family and investigators about the mystery surrounding 20 year old Amanda Tusing's death 3 years ago.

"We're going to check out what she told us, because there is a possibility she could be right," said Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann.

In recent weeks, an undisclosed woman in the community has come forward, telling investigators she line danced with Amanda at the Eagles Lodge in Jonesboro on the night she disappeared. Amanda's fiance Matt Ervin never corroborated that information. He's told investigators that he and Mandy had dinner at Dixie Cafe and later stopped at a grocery store before going to his apartment. One of Amanda's school teachers spotted them at Dixie Cafe.

"We feel comfortable about where she was during those hours," said McCann.

But as for the possibility that the two were spotted at the Eagle's Lodge, that information is being looked into.

"There's a certain energy or quality of that energy when I'm speaking of an individual or looking into that file so to speak that didn't match up with Mandy's energy," said Baron.

Doug Mathis with the Eagles Lodge doesn't think Mandy was there that night either.

"Her name would have been in the book," said Mathis.

"The woman that came forward, her name is in the book, Amanda Tusing or Matt Ervin's is not," said McCann.

Psychic Carla Baron has also offered information about the possible murderer.

"I believe that this was not random, that this was a person she had interacted with before. I get a sense of the dynamic between these two individuals," said Baron.

Baron says she also knows the first name of the possible suspect. This information has been given to Sheriff McCann, and based on this knowledge he believes the murderer could still be in Northeast Arkansas.

"We're looking at all the interviews, checking out the names, and seeing their physical descriptions to see if we can get a match with someone we've already talked to," said McCann.