Target donates to Toys for Tots

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - A lot of Region 8 children will have a merry Christmas this yearthanks to the generosity of a local store.

JerryLynxwiler with the Ripley County Toys for Tots program in Doniphan, Missourisays the program wouldn't be successful without the help of others. "I'vebeen coming here, to Target, for three years, " Lynxwiler said. "Thereason I've been coming here is the difference in the price of the bicycles.Target's always been able to give me a real good deal because of what they'refor."

Lynxwilersays Target gave him such a great deal he was able to purchase bikes and toys. "WhenI leave here, today, I'll have a whole trailer load to take back with me."

Lynxwilersays he left Target headed back to Ripley County with over twenty-five thousanddollars worth of merchandise. "The help that we get from others, likeTarget, is vital," Lynxwiler commented. "Because, I mean, we're limited. Istart as far back as April calling and trying to get money. Our budget's tightand everything we can do, every ounce we can get saved is good because that'sjust another toy, coat or bicycle that we can give away."

Hesays they're going to be able to help around three hundred children this year.

"Allyou need to be at the church by 12:30. We go through a church service and thenwe'll take you through and let your child pick out what all they want. Whenthey leave us we hope that they're happy."

Lynxwilersays their program doesn't go through a person's financial records.

Ifyou show up with a child of twelve years of age or younger, you can participatein the program. "I know the economy has been bad and we understand," hestressed. "With gas and fuel prices going up, a lot of people that used tobe on the giving end now need help. Don't feel bad about bringing your kids andcoming to get something."

Foradditional information about the Ripley County Toys for Tots program you cancontact the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce by clicking on this website or call Jerry Lynxwilerat 573-429-6270.

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