GCT teachers move into their new building

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The new Greene County Tech facility in Paragould is built, the open house has been held and now it's time to start moving in.

The doors were unlocked Friday morning and teachers began filing in with arm loads of boxes and smiles on their faces. "People started coming in as soon as we unlocked the doors and it's been a steady flow ever since," High school principal Gene Weeks said. "Our maintenance people have been really great through all this, all week helping us get everything together."

Weeks says things have been hectic, but everyone's eager to get started. "It's been a busy week and a busy semester, but today is the day we've finally been waiting on to get out here and get these boxes unpacked. I think we've already delivered over three thousand boxes."

High school counselor Breta Dean says she couldn't wait to get in. "It's great to come in and get started and get excited and get everything ready and moved in for the kids when they come back."

Principal Weeks says the positive energy is contagious. "You can feel the energy," he commented. "Everybody's excited. It's nice that all of the teachers of a particular subject are together. For instance, the entire math teachers are together on their hall. Everyone's not all scattered."

Weeks says it's fitting that they're moving in during the holiday season. "It just has a holiday feel out here today. It's like getting to open a new Christmas present early."

Dean says it's going to take some time to realize that they're actually in their new home. "It really doesn't feel like it's happening, yet. It's probably going to take a while before it feels like home because we're so used to being at the other place. But this is really nice."

School starts for teachers and students at Greene County Tech in their new facility on January 2nd.

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