AMMC President Rooney says goodbye

PARAGOULD,AR (KAIT) - After more than 23 years at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center,President Ron Rooney says goodbye. A retirement party was held for PresidentRooney in AMMC's auditorium Friday afternoon.

Friends,family and co workers flocked in to say goodbye to someone who's been a part ofthe hospital and the community for so long. President Rooney says he's enjoyedhis time at the hospital and all the people he's met over the years. "I'vehad the opportunity to work with a lot of wonderful, talented people and I'veseen a lot of things over my twenty-three plus years, here," Rooney said."Of course, with other hospitals forty-two years in healthcare, But youknow, it is all about people."

RegisteredNurse with AMMC, Melinda Reeves, has worked at the hospital for 17 years.

Reevessays she's enjoyed working with President Rooney over the years. "He is agreat man to work with," Reeves said. "He's provided leadership for ourhospital and growth for our community."

Rooneysays he's very proud to have been a part of all the many wonderful things goingon at the hospital.

"Everyday I think I walk around and see talented people doing good things that theydo. And, of course, the construction, here, that we've done with the Chateau onthe Ridge and going back even further with the school being brought here oncampus. There's a lot of exciting things going on."

Rooneysays his future plans are some major traveling.

"Ithink right now after forty-two years of working in the healthcare field I'mgoing to take some time off and ponder the question 'what next?' We're going todo some traveling, particularly to see our grand kids, our children and maybesome of the United States."

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