Keeping Your Child Safe From Harm

According to the FBI,  each day 23 hundred children are reported missing.  So how can you keep your loved ones from being a statistic?  According to Joann Black, a local school counselor, "it is about teaching and reteaching what is right.  Putting it in their heads what is right and what is wrong."

Much of the concern is sprouting from a young Florida eleven year old.  Carlie Brucia was abducted last Sunday.  Her body being found five days later close to where she was first taken.  Her abduction was caught on camera...helping police quickly figure out a possible suspect.  Even with several leads and the video police were too late to save her life.  They do have the suspect, Joseph Smith, in custody.

While Florida is far away, abductions can happen anywhere; Even here in Region 8.  JPD gave k8 news several incidents which have occured over the past few years as evidence.  Most of the cases involved young children.  One case involved a college student taken at knife point.  Her later escaping by slipping out of handcuffs.  In all the jpd says this shows that children are not safe no matter where they are.

If youa re looking for ways to keep your child safe there are several easy things you can do. Make sure they do not have their names or anything giving away information on their clothes.  Don't leave your child unattended.  Make sure your child checks with you before going anywhere.  Your child should know his address and phone number by heart.  And you can help by making sure your child is fingerprinted.