Caraway Road closes on ASU Campus

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - On Monday, Caraway Road through the ASU campus, officially and permanently closed.

For most of the morning the traffic trickled down Caraway till about eleven thirty. That's when the metal and plastic barricades went up and the concrete barriers went down.

One of the many trains that cross here interrupted my interview with John Broadaway from Asphalt Producers. His guys were getting ready to put up the barricades to close Caraway Road.

Broadaway, "It will be permanently closed for all traffic. Pedestrians, cars and anything else. We'll cut the ditches out where no one can get through there."

With college out there wasn't much traffic but a few cars were still caught by trains. John and Barbara Ford have been crossing here since the 60's.

Barbara Ford says they use Caraway as a short cut. "Today we're taking pecans to have them cracked at the farmers market so it seems closer to us to be able to cut through campus." Ford says it is kind of sad to see the road closing.

Ford, "You hate to see all the old things pass by like they all seem to do but yes it is good for everyone especially the safety."

Eric Wong was walking on the sidewalk that crosses the tracks on the way to meet a friend. Wong says he uses the pedestrian crossing about once a week.

Wong, "Because this way is close to T.J. Max to buy clothes and groceries." And there were quite a few people that used the pedestrian part but soon, not even pedestrians be able to cross here.

Broadaway, "We're gonna take out the methods they use to cross which will be the bridges and the roads so there won't be an easy crossing anyway it will be difficult."

Union Pacific Railroad workers couldn't talk to me on camera but did tell me what was being planned.

By the end of the week if the weather cooperates all of the crossing parts that sit in between the tracks will be gone. The signals will be removed. The crossing is going to be gone, it's going to look like there was never a crossing there.

The signal lights have been changed. Traffic is turning away, and once the crossing lights are gone you won't have any warning at all from oncoming trains.

Broadaway, "So anybody that crosses it will be at risk,it will be hugely dangerous."

Hopefully once the ditches are dug out and the bridges removed nobody will risk crossing the tracks simply to save a few minutes.

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