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Monica Ramos Pays It Forward: 12.19


We hit the streets of Lubbock again with our "Pay It Forward" sign. This time, we set up in Northeast Lubbock along MLK Boulevard hoping to find a playmaker to help us Pay it Forward.

It didn't take long for someone to recognize our sign. Within a minute or two, we were approached by an SUV driven by Monica Ramos. Monica tells us she has been waiting to see our sign and that she has a friend she wants to help out just in time for Christmas.

Monica looks her friend up on her cell phone and the search is on. She chose Irma Flores who works in the Market Street Bakery at 50th and Indiana. Monica called and told Irma she had a surprise for her. Monica said she would meet her at work in a few minutes.

We drove across town to meet up with Irma. Monica called her again on her cell phone, but there was no reply. She decided to call the front office where they transferred her to the bakery. Irma explains that she is quite busy at the moment and can't get away, but Monica insists it will only take a few minutes.

Irma reluctantly came outside to meet Monica and discovered that she had become our next "Pay It Forward" recipient. Monica hands her $300 dollars and tears start to flow.

Irma said, "You have no idea how much I need this."

Irma's daughter is heading to Pasadena with the All-Lubbock Marching Band and she wasn't sure she could send her. The extra money will help her with expenses. Irma said the money will come in handy for all of her children this Christmas season.

Be on the lookout for our "Pay It Forward" sign soon. Maybe you will become our next playmaker and get your own chance to help someone

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