Arkansas Children's Hospital Swamped With Sick Kids

February 9, 2004 - Posted at 7:39 a.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Doctors and nurses at Arkansas Children's Hospital have been swamped lately.

Officials say there's no single reason the hospital was so full.  Doctors treated young patients still suffering from the flu left over from November's early outbreak.  Others were sick with respiratory illnesses typical for this time of year.  And others were victims of car accidents or other trauma.

The trend exists beyond Arkansas, other hospitals for children were similarly busy last week.

Arkansas Children's Hospital is the only hospital of its kind in the state.  So, it was a particularly senstitive decision when the hospital had to order that some patients be diverted.  Officials say they were relieved that after three days under the diversion order, only one child was taken to another hospital.  Doctors at Children's helped by phone with the child's treatment.

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