Local animal control getting strays off streets since pit bull attack

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) – With several reports of strays and animal neglect occurring recently in Blytheville, the animal control officers want to remind residents to take care of their pets.

Blytheville police chief Ross Thompson said the number of cases have not increased, but the severity of the cases in animal control officer Terrie Gaines' monthly report to the city council prompted the reminder to Blytheville residents.

Animal control officer Gaines said currently 48 dogs are in the city kennels.  Gaines told the city council about a toy poodle she picked up recently. "When we took him, it took (the veterinarian) about three hours to shave him," she said. "Underneath all this fur they found a band wrapped around his neck that had grown into his neck that was put on him when he was a tiny puppy."

Animal control houses strays for five to 10 days before law requires officers to euthanize them. Chief Thompson said the animal control division of the Blytheville Police Department is working with the Blytheville Humane Society to get more pets adopted. "We've got some programs that we're planning to do later on with the city to help them get on their animals on petfinder.com. That's where all of our animals are," said Blytheville Humane Society president Pam Ford.

Chief Thompson said another avenue the city is pursuing is passing an ordinance to allow veterinarians to issue pet licenses.  Currently, only the city collector issued licenses, and veterinarians issued rabies tags. "(The city issued license) costs $5 if your pet is fixed, and it's $10 if it's not," Thompson said.

Gaines said she and her partner have picked up as many as 10 in one day. She said animal control has been able to reduce the number of animals on the streets in the last several months, especially since several incidents involving packs of pit bulls earlier this year, including the attack on a 13-year-old girl.

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