Pumpkin throwing starts fight; mother, daughter arrested

Vickie Lee Thompson (Source: Baxter County Sheriff Department)
Vickie Lee Thompson (Source: Baxter County Sheriff Department)
Mandi R. Thompson (Source: Baxter County Sheriff Department)
Mandi R. Thompson (Source: Baxter County Sheriff Department)

MOUNTAIN HOME, AR (KAIT) – A mother and daughter were arrested after a fight erupted between the two Wednesday night.

According to Baxter County Sheriff Deputy Douglas Meurer, Vickie Lee Thompson, 54, and Mandi R. Thompson, 31, both of 26 Winchester Rd. in Mountain Home were arrested for Third Degree Domestic Battery after he was called to the residence regarding a domestic disturbance.

Dep. Meurer says when he arrived at the scene, Vickie Thompson told him she and her daughter had been in an argument that started over her telling her daughter and husband not to stay gone all day. From there, she says, the argument ensued and became physical, but Dep. Meurer says Vickie Thompson refused to fill out a witness statement saying she didn't want anyone to go to jail.

As the Dep. Meurer was walking away to talk to Mandi Thompson, he heard Vickie Thompson mutter under her breath that she wished he had just taken her to jail so she could get away, says the officer. However, when asked what she had said, Vickie Thompson told him it was nothing.

When questioned, Mandi Thompson said Vickie Thompson began yelling at her for things that happened when she was younger, and threw a pumpkin at her, which hit her in the shoulder and bounced toward her 2-year-old daughter who was present for the entire incident, according to Dep. Meurer.

The officer says a scuffle then ensued between the two women, during which, Vickie Thompson went and got a miniature baseball bat and came at Mandi Thompson again. Mandi Thompson grabbed a glass pitcher, and they scuffled some more, says Dep. Meurer. He also said Vickie Thompson ran into a back bedroom and threatened to throw out all of the Christmas presents before Mandi Thompson was finally able to get the bat away from her mother.

According to Dep. Meurer, Mandi Thompson had marks on her neck, left arm, cheeks, and forehead, but the woman was unsure of when she received the scratches and bruises during the fight; Vickie Thompson had marks on her left arm.

Both Vickie and Mandi Thompson were arrested and taken to the Baxter County Detention Center without incident.

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