Blanket Brigade looking for help

JONESBORO, AR - If you have a lot of good quality blankets or a new one you get as a gift and don't know what do with it, here is a place for them.

The Blanket Brigade collects and distributes blankets and winter clothing to the homeless and those in need.

Founder Charles Smith depleted his supply at the Salvation Army Angel Tree distribution and needs restocked.

Smith, "We handed out over 125 - 135 blankets. Numerous gloves and toboggans, hand warmers and some clothing to the people who came here to collect from the Salvation Army."

Smith says he always has needs for blankets and quilts but not ones in bad condition. "If you would sleep under it, I'll take it." Smith says.

"If you don't want to sleep under it and it's ragged out I really don't want it. I take new and used blankets, I take afghans, I take clothes. It's a need for everything."

You can contact Charles Smith at

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