Region 8 residents celebrate faith and holiday cheer on Christmas Day

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The last time Christmas fell on a Sunday was in 2005. Even though Christmas is a day that leaves little time to focus on anything else, one church in Region 8 celebrated faith along with holiday cheer.

The 10 a.m. service at First United Methodist Church in downtown Jonesboro was packed for a brief, casual service on Christmas morning.

"It's always an interesting day when Christmas falls on a Sunday," said FUMC associate pastor Blake Langston.

Pastor Langston believes Christmas service on a Sunday allows those who serve at church, and the families who attend to have the best of both worlds. "It allows us as the church to shape what we do on Sunday around the family rituals. So we kind of get to merge the best parts of everything."

In his Christmas sermon, "No Masks in the Manger", Pastor Langston used the dual significance of the day to remind people of lessons that are valuable all year. "Americans, we get mask-making better than anybody else. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, show everybody the good face, and I think there's something about the vulnerability of the manger that allows us to be vulnerable, that allows us to be us."

Even though Robert Kahloghirou and his family altered their Christmas plans this year, some of their traditions will never change.

"Since we had the 10 o'clock service this morning, we're going to get after the gifts here in a little bit."

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