Don't give your Christmas gifts to criminals

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The holiday season is a busy time of year for everyone including criminals.

As Christmas shoppers are going store to store spending gift cards and making exchanges, they also might be creating opportunities for people looking to take advantage of out of town homeowners and discarded boxes that showcase new Christmas gifts.

Jonesboro police sergeant Steve McDaniel said there are easy ways to keep your gifts out of criminal's hands. "Put (purchased items) in the trunk of the car or at least try to cover them up with something," McDaniel said.

Also, don't leave boxes from new items on the street. "What we recommend is that you break the boxes down and you try to fit them inside your trash container so it doesn't advertise to the criminal that you got a new television or new stereo."

McDaniel said it is also a good idea for people to communicate with neighbors. Homeowners should ask someone who lives in the neighborhood to pick up newspapers and mail when while they are out of town.

"Just don't advertise to the criminal that you have those new items."

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