City Youth Ministries hosting pre New Years Eve party

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - Friday, December City Youth Ministries in Jonesboro will be holdinga "Pre-New Year's Eve Party".

Peoplecan expect to see a wide variety of food, fun games and even entertainment. ProgramOutreach Coordinator for City Youth, Faith McMath, says they want to offerJonesboro's youth a fun, yet positive option. "This is a party that'sbeing thrown for all of the youth in the Jonesboro community," McMath stated."We're inviting children ages 12 to 18 and are even extending that age toour young adults ages 19 to 21."

Gameswill be taking place, along with a basketball tournament and even a concert byCorey Paul who will be coming in from Houston, Texas. "We just want thekids to come out, have fun, bring in the New Year in a new and good way,"McMath said.

Thehealth, fitness and nutrition specialist at City Youth, TawuanaHooper, feels it's important to give children an option. "This eventis very important to the kids in our community because it gives them somewhereto go," Hooper said. "They have something to do while school is out and itbrings everybody together socially so they can get together with theirfriends."

McMathfurther stated that the children who come to City Youth really need their help."We serve the youth that really need our help and attention," McMath saidsomberly. "This event will actually bring youth off the streets. It willgive them something to do that's positive. That will give them a place to comeand have fun and also learn about the word of God."

Hoopersays it's also vital that our community's children see someone older in apositive light. "It's very important that the kids have good role modelsand someone to look up to. It helps give them a sense of encouragement andsomething to look forward to."

Hoopersays the event won't be successful without the help of the community, though. "Weneed volunteers. We need all of our high school kids to come out and supporteverything. We need a cleaning crew and people to donate water, cookies and allkinds of treats."

McMathsays this event will kick off at three in the afternoon and will last until thefun stops.

Formore information about this event, you can log onto this website or call City Youth Ministries at 932-9398.

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