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New classes available for seniors

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - One Region 8 agency is hoping senior citizens will make getting healthy and staying healthy their new year's resolution.

The East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging is starting some new classes with the New Year hoping to bring in more seniors.

Lifestyle Specialist with the EAAAA, Nathan Gann, says staying active is extremely important for our elderly. "It's very important for anybody to be active," Gann stated. "Not only seniors, but young adults. Exercise needs to be a routine and part of your daily life. Being involved in the activities that we have strengthens the muscles, keeps the joints flexible and anyone dealing with old age knows that the joints are very important."

Gann says not only will staying active help keep you physically fit, it can help prevent disease. "Staying active and exercising can actually keep up your immunity and help you fight off infections. So, it's a good idea to stay active especially during the winter months."

Gann says they're created a number of senior friendly classes for 2012. "One of the new classes we are particularly excited about the water ti chi program," Gann said with a grin. "We have plenty of classes at the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging that is mostly free of charge. If there is any cost for the water classes it's very small, like a dollar or two. So, the classes are very affordable."

Gann says they've decided to add water classes like the water Ti Chi because it's easier on seniors. "Being in the water works out the muscle, but keeps pressure off the joints. That's why it's so important if you do have something like osteoporosis to get in the water."

There are a number of different classes already available to seniors. Gann says they have a strength training class, the pace program and even a ukulele class.

The water Ti Chi class will begin on January 4th and take place at St. Bernards Health and Wellness Center in Jonesboro.

For more information about this class or any others, log onto this website.

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