New Years Eve brings new problems for pets

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - As Region 8 residents celebrate the New Year, Northeast Arkansans for Animals want people to remember their pets.

Wannda Turner with NAFA says New Years Eve seems to pose a bigger problem than the Fourth of July because it comes with a number of additional hazards. "In the first place, it gets dark earlier, so people are using fireworks earlier and earlier, " Turner stated. "Everybody knows that most dogs are afraid, dogs and cats are afraid of fireworks, so we need to be sure that they are in a secure location. Bring them inside. Even the pets that are inside can get scared from the noise and need to be in a pet carrier or something."

Turner says another issue people don't think about when they're at a party is the different types of food and drink that is lying around. "Alcohol is a big thing at New Years Eve and a big problem," Turner said seriously. "Alcohol can be deadly. Dogs don't process it properly. Chocolate, everyone knows it's bad, but tin foil as well. Dogs and cats will eat tin foil because there's food flavoring on it and that can actually cause intestinal problems and them up on the inside."

Turner said even after the partying is done the danger for a pet isn't over. "Something else people don't think about is the clean up after a party. They bag everything up in a trash bag and leave it out for their own pet or one outside to get in. So, food needs to be kept up and away from the animals."

Turner says there's also an additional problem with fireworks other than a pet being scared.

"Another thing we've run across that is a problem is some kids think it's fun to tease or taunt animals with fireworks," Turner said. "We find that for some reason more often at New Years than we do at the Fourth of July. So, I'm challenging all parents to lead by example and talk to your children about how it's

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