Continuing progress, Jonesboro city officials look to 2012

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Continuing progress is the city of Jonesboro's mission statement for 2012. The city has a lot planned for the coming year. From finishing up Fire Station #4 on Harrisburg Road to purchasing new sanitation equipment.

"Everything we're doing in these departments is going to effect the citizens of Jonesboro. This is why I wanted to get it out to show the people that what we're doing with this money will come back to them directly," said Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin.@

In PowerPoint Format, Mayor Perrin is looking ahead to the coming year. "We've taken the budget of 2012 the dollars and cents and the goals and objectives," said Perrin.

10 new patrol cars will be added to the Jonesboro Police Department, as well as 24 mobile vision camera systems. Another item on the list, is a forensic workstation to help assist officers. It is something Chief of Police Mike Yates says has been a need for a few years.

"It's mostly for safety, but it will also help us maintain the condition of those items of evidence better," said Yates.

Mayor Perrin says the city will also an additional motorcycle officer. "These folks can get in and work wrecks and get out quicker. They can get into places that vehicles can't get into, as well as controlling speed in our city," said Perrin.

Even a Net-motion software is scheduled to be purchased and installed to better track where accidents within the city are happening. "If we're looking at signalization, new stop signs, or yield signs, this will help us greatly," said Perrin.

Perrin says the city has collected the public safety tax since March, which is estimated to bring in roughly 5.5 to 6.5 million dollars, to help off-set the cost.

"Those funds go in general revenue, but also that gives us the money to buy everything that we need to help protect the citizens," said Perrin.

We mentioned the completion of the Fire Station #4 off Harrisburg Road, the city also plans to secure land for Fire Station 5 near the Valley View. "Once that's all done and the last one is built, we will call and get our I.O.S. firm to come in and do an evaluation," said Perrin, which he hopes will lower the I.O.S rate for Jonesboro property owners.

2012 will also be when the city plans to break ground on the Miracle League Field, as well as complete the disaster recovery plan for the city. This includes the purchase of back up generators to all city community centers. So incase another ice storm, the city will be ready.

"We were luck enough to get federal funds to put the large generators at Allen Park, Parker Park, and Earl Belle," said Perrin.

Perrin says it's state and federal money, along with the surplus from 2011 that is playing a big part of continuing improvements to the city.

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