Black-eyed peas are flying off shelves for New Year's luck

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Most people know that black-eyed peas are traditionally thought to bring prosperity and good luck for the new year to the person that eats them on New Year's Eve.

Jonesboro resident Rhonda Ivy is a firm believer of black-eyed peas casting their magic. "Black-eyed peas are a tradition in my family," Ivy said with a nod. "We do it every year and it works. I have had some of my most prosperous years after eating black-eyed peas and greens."

Ivy isn't the only one; Barbara Griffith of Brookland is right in agreement. "Black-eyed peas are good at the first of the year, every year," Griffith stated. "They're good luck; really, I've always had good luck with them."

Assistant store manager of Bill's Fresh Market on Hilltop in Jonesboro, Jason Grant, says due to the amount of customers coming through their doors, he thinks most Region 8 residents believe. "It's been pretty busy today." Grant remarked. "But it didn't just begin. People came in and started buying black-eyed peas about a week ago, just after Christmas. Things have picked up steadily every day since."

Virginia Tate of Jonesboro says it's not always just a matter of belief, it's tradition. "We've always done it. It's a family thing, and it's also southern thing."

And for anyone who hasn't tried eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Eve. "Oh, you've got to try it, "Ivy said. "You just have to try it, it works." "It really works," Griffith reiterated. "You've just got to believe in it and it'll work."

For more information about black-eyed peas and where this idea came from, log onto thiswebsite.

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