Region 8 woman charged with filing a false report

MONETTE, AR (KAIT) – Officials with the Monette Police Department charged a Caraway woman with falsifying a police report.

According to Brandon Womack with the Monette Police Department, Lindsay Sullivan, 24, of Caraway was charged with providing a false report to police after she claimed a police impersonator pulled her over Thursday night on Craighead County Road 506, not far from Highway 18.

"This young woman reported that she was stopped by what she assumed was a police officer impersonator within half a mile of where Amanda Tusing was killed," said Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann.

McCann appointed two special investigators to the case early Friday morning. McCann said a joint investigation between his department and the Monette Police Department revealed holes in Sullivan's story.

McCann said an investigator with the county's special response team questioned Sullivan for two hours Friday afternoon. McCann said she eventually admitted to filing a false claim.

"We're going to be on it. We're going to stay on it. If she had not broken down and told the truth today, we could have worked this for several days before we found out the truth," said McCann.

According to a report released to Region 8 News from Monette Police, Sullivan claimed a man pulled her over after flashing blue lights at her on Highway 18. She said the man, who she claimed to be an older white man, turned off his lights before approaching the driver side window. A police report indicated Sullivan refused to exit her vehicle when asked by the officer.

"That's the story she gave. It alarmed everyone. Naturally we put our investigators on it and we're working with the Monette Police Department trying to get this woman interviewed. We're trying to get some more details and try to figure out who this guy is," said McCann before charges were filed.

McCann said the story was particularly sensitive considering the Tusing case, a decade old cold case with no leads.

"We haven't gotten any phone calls (on the Tusing case) in probably at least a year," said McCann.

McCann said he was disappointed with the false claim because police could have spent time working other cases. He also said it provided false hope a new lead in the Tusing case surfaced.

"There's other things these deputies need to be doing besides working a false report. We had to let some other things go to get on this. That allegation is extremely serious, especially in this county," said McCann. "We kind of got our hopes up that maybe it was related to Amanda Tusing and it just wasted the whole day and we're back to ground zero."

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