Region 8 woman tells crew to clean up her husband's grave

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - A widow who buried her husband in a Region 8 cemetery 10 years ago wants to know why the site where he was laid to rest, and several other graves look like freshly dug graves.

Nancy Pillow is in Paragould from Lafayette, TN, with her daughter to visit her late husband Randy Pillow's grave.

"We come out here twice a year and put the flowers on his grave and we came out yesterday (December 31) and his headstone was turned up like you would set a book on its edge," Pillow said.

Most of the graves on the 55 acres of land at Memorial Gardens are undisturbed. Pilllow said this is the first time since 2002 when her husband was buried she has seen his grave site look dismantled. "Nobody had ever had a problem with anything that was taken care of out here. It always looked really nice, even when they had graves that had been done recently around us."

Most of the graves close to Highway 135 North where Memorial Gardens look undisturbed, but Pillow said the tombstones near her husband's grave closer to the back of the cemetery is where several plots need restoring.

"My daughter gets to come here maybe once a year, and she wants to put flowers on her dad's grave. You can't do that when the headstone's up out of the ground turned over."

When Region 8 News contacted Greene County Memorial Gardens property owner Steve McDonald to find out why some graves look unmaintained, McDonald said wet land and new graves around Pillow's grave contributed to the disarray.

"When I tried to talk to him and explain that we were upset, his answer to me was, 'Well it's a holiday weekend. I'll talk to you on Tuesday.' So I took pictures," said Nancy Pillow.

"You know when they run through here with the tractor and the ground's wet, it's going to sink and I understand that, but they could come back and do even a minimal amount of cleanup."

McDonald said he out of town. He and his crew of two men planned to clean up the areas around the disassembled graves when the business office opens back up Tuesday.

To contact Steve McDonald, call (870) 273-2472.

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