Crossing Over to Play a Game of Chance

Tennessee's decision to hold a state lottery is gaining a lot of attention.  Lcals are turning out for a chance to win up to a million dollars.  Now neighboring non-lotto states are seeing their own residents flock at the chance to win.

One Exxon employee we spoke to less than two miles from the state line says she can always tell if it is a local or not.  She says if they are from out of town they always scratch their tickets right then and there.

While at the gas station k8 news talked to one Arkansan hoping for a lucky day.  Michael Fox says this isn't the first time he has tried his luck.  He hasn't won anything yet but says his luck is due to improve.

In all 38 states now hold state lotteries.  Mississippi and Oklahoma are now the only neighboring states not holding a lottery.

Tennessee says all profits from their state lottery will go to education.  They expect numbers to have surpassed 88 million dollars in funds before the end of the summer.