RedWolves get a rousing send-off

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, ARKANSAS (KAIT) --Early Wednesday morning the fans, the band and the buses and the players all came together at the ASU Football Complex to send the Red wolves off to Mobile to face the Northern Illinois Huskies at the bowl.

"We were up in Illinois to start the season so maybe we can finish it in better shape than it went in Illinois."

Couch White from Paragould was one of many Red wolf fans lining stadium as the team buses rolled by.

Around 7 Wednesday morning the busses arrived and began loading up the team at the football complex. ASU Quarterback Ryan Aplin said this trip has been a long time coming for the team.

Aplin, "You know, we've been waiting for about a month now like you said so it feels good to get back on a bus and head down somewhere to where you know we're gonna play a game."

Punter Neely Sullivent said he has been waiting for 5 years for this and the team is so ready.

Sullivent, "Each practice came out with great focus and hard work and that's what we've been doing so we'll be ready. Looking forward to getting to Mobile."

No send-off would have been complete without the ASU Band; cheerleaders and the fans rallying around as the team loaded up. The band will leave on Thursday to begin practicing at the field.

ASU Athletic Director Dean Lee said it has been too long since ASU has been to a bowl game.

Lee,"Since 2005. We went to the New Orleans Bowl which was actually held that year because of Katrina at Lafayette . So it's been six years since we have participated in a bowl game."

Mr. White says the Red wolves are getting some well-deserved national attention.

White, "It's exciting, it really is. The school is a fantastic school. It's getting recognition, long past due."

Dean Lee says he hopes those undecided fans will decide to load up and head for the gulf in support of the team.

"Because it's really going to be something special. Very memorable for Red Wolves fans for years to come."

The " " bowl kicks off at 8 PM on Sunday. ESPN will carry the game live.

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