A new airline flies into Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A new commercial airline is ready to "take off" in Jonesboro.

Wednesday representatives with Air Choice Airlines sat down with Jonesboro officials to discuss their current status in Jonesboro and their plans for the future.

CEO of Air Choice Airlines, Shane Storz, says he believes this is a win-win situation.

"Air Choice One wants to become a part of the community, " Storz said. "We believe there's a great opportunity for the community, as well as us as a carrier into St. Louis as a new hub."

Mayor of Jonesboro, Harold Perrin, says after sitting down with Storz and others he feels very good about what's taking place.

"The more I heard here about us working as a partnership with Lambert in St. Louis and how they're helping us in promoting Jonesboro, to me that's very positive, " Perrin commented. "I think it's something that we may not have had in the past where we've had a partner that really wants this to be successful. So, it sounded good to me."

Storz says they have big plans for this partnership.

"The goal is to reach 10,000 in deployment so they'll be more airport funding for the airport expansions and service and to also bring back TSA for the bigger airplanes that we're trying to focus on to grow into."

Storz says they want to grow into larger aircrafts so they can service such places as Chicago and Dallas.

Perrin said he was pleased to hear what all they intend to do to inform local residents about the new service available to them.

"We need a commercial airline in here like this, " Perrin said. "Also, the connecting flights they have there, I don't think people understand that. I think this company is going to promote and to advertise and inform the people of Jonesboro more than anyone we've had in the past."

Perrin says he's going to be one of the first in Jonesboro to jump on the plane and head out.

"I'll certainly be taking a flight to St. Louis in February and check this out."

Air Choice One's first flight will hit the air on February 13th.

For a complete listing of their schedule, log onto this website.

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