Members of trauma units join forces in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-State and local representatives of trauma units got together on Wednesday to work on developing issues.

The Northeast Arkansas Trauma Regional Advisory Council gathered at St. Bernards auditorium in Jonesboro.

Hospital employees, EMS service representatives and training site instructors discussed a variety of different topics they've seen popping up.

Karthryn Blackman, Vice President of Patient and Clinical Services at St. Bernards in Jonesboro, says the meetings are very useful, "We get data and feed back on our data of how many trauma patients we are accepting," Blackman said. "How many patients we're sending on to a Level One trauma center, like the Med in Memphis. It helps us keep in perspective what's going on, what types of trauma there are and we're also working on prevention. One of the main things of the trauma council is to try to prevent trauma from happening."

The Northeast Trauma Regional Advisory Council works with state representatives to improve the trauma system locally and statewide.

Diannia Hall-Clutts with the Arkansas Department of Health says it's important for everyone to get an idea of what's taking place all over, not just in the area they represent.

"They look at issues for this Northeast Arkansas Region," Clutts stated. "Not only do they learn about issues as far as the northeast region, though, they learn statewide. We have state representatives here who bring in information from the whole state."

Blackman says they are all working together for the best results possible.

"We look at trends, things that are going on in the region, things that we need to work on. We work on areas of improvement and how to get better."

Clutts, "Everyone discusses where they are in the process. Where we are as far as a state. We talk about trauma, how it effects the hospitals, how it effects ems and how they can work together to make the situation better for everyone."

The NEA Trauma Regional Advisory Council meetings are open to the public.

The meet once every other month.

For more information about the NEA Trauma Regional Advisory Council, log onto their website.

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