Celebrating Black History Month in Region 8

February 15, 2004

February is known as Black History month.

Usually the month is a time spent celebrating the rich history of the culture while looking to the future, but this year is a little different.

((Ron Smiley: Its been fifty years since Brown vs. the Board of eduaction and now black leaders are concerned no progress is being made.))

((Emmanuel Lofton/Mississippi County Black Cultural Association: We havent come to that point yet where all men are created equal to pursue life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is sad to say we haven't made it to that point yet.))

Keynote speaker Dr. Lawrence A. Davis, Chancelor at the University at Pine Bluff, used the mic to talk about his life, his experiences growing up, how he was lucky to have had a father who graduated, the closing of his high school, years later, and where the black race is right now.

His message touched many in the crowd.

((Marion Berry/State Representative: Its all of our responsibility, this response is to see that our children are educated in the twenty first century with the rests of all of us.))

Many feel now is the time to make a change.

((The more things change the more they remain the same meaning if we do not do something now we will keep coming back to the same point trying to solve education.))

Many like Lofton feel another 50 years of staying still is not an option.

In Blytheville, with photojournalist J.R. Hargan, Ron Smiley K8 news.