A-State Football Tom Castilaw & Kelcie McCray Bowl Blog: January 6th

JONESBORO (ASU) – This is the third entry in a daily blog with Arkansas State senior center Tom Castilaw and senior safety Kelcie McCray that is being featured this week on AStateRedWolves.com, the official Web site of ASU Athletics, leading up to the GoDaddy.com Bowl. Arkansas State fans can now keep up with the Red Wolves through a player's perspective during their time in Mobile, Ala.

Both Castilaw and McCray will give their thoughts at the end of each day, Jan. 4-7, about both their personal and the team's experiences with practices and other various events associated with the bowl game.  The blog will be found on both the home page and football page of AStateRedWolves.com.


Tom Castilaw

Godzilla didn't wake me up this morning . . . aka a ship on the Mobile bay like yesterday morning. My alarm did though. I went through my usual morning routine of reading, praying and some down time with the teammates. After a short bit we had a team meeting to address the day and keep clear communication between everyone and then had breakfast.

There are more of the Red Wolf Nation here in the hotel and in the downtown area. THIS IS AWESOME. There is something about being with not only the team, but with everyone who supports the program here in Mobile. It truly was a community effort that accomplished so much this season. The crowd noise and the people who attend the games, the band, the cheerleaders and the supporters of the program. WE are all here together. We have all accomplished something memorable this season. WE won these 10 games together. And together, WE will win the 11th.

Lunch was at the convention center across the street. There was a mayor's luncheon that was very good. It was good to see so many people there who invest in the lives of young people like ourselves. Cris Carter spoke. He is a GREAT speaker and really challenged the people there but specifically us. Both teams are ready to play.

We went to practice after that and practice was great. It felt amazing outside. Practice was shorter since we are getting closer to game time. But it was crisp and fast. A fine tuning type of practice. After practice we met up in the team meeting room and got to hear from Tim Langford. I really like hearing from past players who have gone on and give back to the program. The program has blessed them and now they bless us by giving to the program. Tim is amazing. We are thankful for him.

After practice we came back to the hotel and had free time for the rest of the night. I'm excited for Sunday. I'm so anxious about everything that will go into winning this game. I'm glad to be here with everyone but we are all here for one reason and this is a ..........

Business trip.

Kelcie McCray

We started off our Friday with another light breakfast. After breakfast, we had about 2hrs of downtime. So I used this time to go back to my room and relax.  Around lunch, we departed the hotel and walked across the street to the Mobile Convention Center for the Mayor's luncheon.  Future Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter was the guest speaker. He really enlightened us about the "business of football". He also walked us through some of his playing experiences.

They also provided some area students with scholarships at the luncheon. It was really great to see that the GoDaddy.com Bowl was helping local student financially and making it easier for them in college.

After the luncheon, we headed immediately to practice where we went into with meetings and film and preparing to win a game. The game is really getting close now, so fans will see a different level of focus these next two days. It was another beautiful day of practice, and I feel as if we got a lot of work done.

After practice, we ate and were released for the rest of the night (until curfew). Everyone was shocked to see so many Red Wolf fans at our hotel to greet us after practice. I can't wait till Sunday night to see all of the Red Wolf fans at the game. So if you are not already in Mobile, then its about time to make your way down here and experience this with us. Most of the players are staying in tonight to get mentally focused for the game.