Organization searching for those who dumped dogs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Northeast Arkansans for Animals (NAFA) is investigating a recent case of animal abandonment where two puppies were left to fend for themselves in the woods.

With the recent rescue in Lawrence County near County Road 543, animal rescuers want to remind people Region 8 to be responsible with their pets or face the consequences.

Leaving animals alone without providing continued care is a misdemeanor in Arkansas, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and one year in jail.  NAFA director Wannda Turner is deciding whether to take legal action against the people who left two German Sheppard puppies alone in Clover Bend. "Luckily, someone saw the person dump this dog. We have license plate. We also have the make and model of the vehicle. I'm hoping that they see this and call me because if they don't, we're liable to prosecute them."

Turner said her team has had several calls in 2012. "We have done 19 abuse calls and we have had 30 animals surrendered just since the first of the year."

"We actually removed 12 dogs New Year's Day from a home where someone got more dogs than they could take care of."

Janae McCallister and her husband own three dogs, and will welcome a baby to the family in June. She says people need to prepare to take on another mouth to feed. "It's our number one goal that when we have a baby, we're not going to have to get rid of one of our dogs."

Turner said NAFA lured an emu out of a wooded area near a subdivision in Greene County in 2011. "We learned that she liked bread because the very first day that we went out the only thing that I had in my truck was a biscuit."

"She had been out on the highway several times and had caused some excitement as you can imagine."

Turner says she understands that circumstances change, but responsibility should not. "People lose their jobs or someone gets sick and they can no longer take care of an animal. Contact a shelter or a rescue. Give them an opportunity to find space to take your animal in."

In addition to finding foster homes for abandoned animals in Region 8, NAFA is working towards providing low cost spay and neuter services.

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