The Wedding Commitment -- Part 2

The Wedding Commitment -- Part 2

The Wedding Commitment -- Part 2 of 2

Weddings can cost anywhere from $17,000 to $21,000! Which means, you could get married or buy a new could get married or pay for college could get married or...well, you get the point.

It's a fact, weddings are expensive...but there are ways you can still have a beautiful ceremony and a great reception without breaking the bank. Start by looking for things you can do yourself. Making your own veil can save you hundreds.

Earley Rice is a floral designer at Hobby Lobby. She says savvy brides are always looking for the best bargain, and doing it yourself is a big way to save money.

"We have the basic, just the veils, and the tiaras, and the bands that you can put your flowers on," said Rice.

Budget savvy brides can time their purchases when doing it themselves and usually get most things, half-off. Watching for sales ads can save you tons. Making simple things, like party favors, the flower girl's basket and even your cake topper are all ways to cut costs...also renting items for your ceremony can ease the financial burden.

One place you might not think about when looking for your wedding cake is Wal-mart. The bakery offers a range of cake sizes and some pretty reasonable prices.

"Instead of getting a three tiered or two tiered cake, spending $110, you can get a full sheet which serves 100 people at $31.88, you know, it's not as elaborate or nice, but it will do the job," said bakery associate Gayle Bryant.

And if you serve that sheet cake cut from the kitchen, no one will ever know....after all, cake is still just cake.

But there's one place, you probably shouldn't cut corners on...because a diamond does last forever.

And boys, don't feel like you have to be frugal when purchasing an engagement ring.

"Long after the wedding, the ring will still be there, and of course it's a symbol of unity between the two people, and be recognized no matter where you go. I think it's something that the bride wants to be particularly proud of, and I would think as a groom, you would want to be proud to get it," said Gregory Mooneyham, of Gregory's Jewelry in Jonesboro.

Do your homework, learn the four C's--Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat, and look for a reputable jeweler with an American Gem Society Certification, and...

First, kind of have some ideas of maybe what your fiance would like to have....that's usually one of the most important steps," said Mooneyham/

One last piece of advice....if you really want to save on your wedding...a $58 dollar marriage license and a justice of the peace is all you really need.