County road departments are saving money thanks to a warm winter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Everyone seems to be enjoying this unseasonable start to winter.

Last December was the warmest in five years, and January is starting off nearly 10 degrees warmer than what it should be.

There were even a few days where a jacket was not even needed.

So, many are wondering when we'll see snow.

Craighead County Road Department Superintendent Eugene Neff appreciates the lack of wintry precipitation and says the seasonal expenses are down.

That means more money stays in your pocket.

In the event of icy and snowy roadways, the department normally dips into the annual road fund to pay for expenses.

But last December was the warmest in five years, and so far this month, it's been much of the same.

Craighead County Road Department Superintendent Eugene Neff is enjoying the mild winter.

"We just hope it stays pretty so we can continue what we were doing. Keeping our roads in good shape. Not have any problems at all, hopefully."

The county's 1300 miles of gravel roads and highways are fairing well.

Fifty-four workers as well as a dozen sand trucks and road graders have been on standby for inclement weather.

"We save money on hauling sand in and putting it out. We're not having to run as much fuel and everything. Not having to get everybody out in the middle of the night."

As we head deeper into the winter season, Superintendent Neff and his team are ready to sand the most dangerous spots before they become a problem.

"The hilly areas, intersections, bridges. We hit them first thing. It we get a lot of snow, then we'll get our graders out and run them."

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