Wireless Acquisition

February 17, 2004 — Posted at 3:34 pm CST

JONESBORO—Cingular Wireless announced today an agreement to acquire AT&T Wireless. This deal could create the nation's largest subscription base, with 46 million potential customers.

Cingular Wireless will spend 40 billion dollars to purchase AT&T Wireless and some Region 8 customers are unhappy about this purchase.

"I'm used to my bill and I know what everything means and I don't know anything about Cingular," said AT&T customer Brandi Hodges.

"I'm really used to AT&T and I'm afraid my plan won't stay the same," said Hodges.

The details of the acquisition are still preliminary. It's uncertain how the plans will merge, but both companies do use the same technology. Cingular says one thing customers will notice is an improvement in coverage and call quality.

"As long as we get service and there's no problems with the bills, it kind of like who cares," said one wireless user.

This deal is still subject to the approval of AT&T wireless shareholders and Federal Regulatory Authorities. But it is certain however this deal could be a tremendous money maker, as the combined annual revenues of the two companies would have exceeded 32 billion dollars this past year.