Police chief: "Child was lucky she wasn't killed"

WEINER, AR (KAIT) – A Region 8 woman was fined for speeding past a stopped school bus and nearly hitting an 11-year old girl with her car. Weiner Police Chief Rolland Geror told Region 8 News he's tired of these types of incidents happening in his jurisdiction. He said he's worked multiple reports of cars driving past stopped school buses.

Geror said a white Hyundai pass a Harrisburg School District bus shortly after 7:30 Wednesday morning on Highway 214. Geror said the driver of the bus had her flashing lights on and traffic arm extended. The bus was stopped eastbound when the driver of the Hyundai passed heading westbound.

Geror said the girl was about to cross the westbound lane of traffic to get to the bus, but stopped just before seeing the car ahead. Geror said the driver of the car was apologetic for her actions and will pay the fine.

However, Geror said this incident needed to serve as a reminder to drivers that children are always around school zones and buses. He said the girl was fortunate she wasn't hit by the car.

The bus driver, Wendy Mathis, said this type of thing happens way too often. She said at least once every month, a driver passes her bus when it's stopped and kids are present.
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