Blytheville PD hosting crime prevention seminar for small businesses

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The Blytheville Police Department is hosting a series of crime prevention seminars this month at Arkansas Northeastern College.

The first seminar is happening tonight in the Statehouse Hall Governors Ballroom from 6-8 p.m. The topic is "Crime Prevention for Small Businesses".

Blytheville native George Hubbard said his family owned furniture store hasn't seen a lot of crime. "The downtown area is relatively free of crime but like any area we do see some crime."

"Any help that the police department can give us through seminars and of course visiting with us is always appreciated."

Hubbard said one of the crimes several downtown owners have had to deal with is late night thefts. "We've had thieves who have gone into the alleyways and back in the backs of the stores, usually in the middle of the night and they've been stealing air conditioning units to get the copper, and that's been pretty prevalent."

Hubbard secured his air conditioning unit behind a gate at his store. Other business owners are using surveillance. "I know there's several businesses that put cameras up on the back of their stores."

Dana Sutton of Silent Security has sold some of those cameras to business owners. He'll be at the seminar tonight to talk about the ways people can protect their property. "Hopefully with my help and the rest of the community, we'll stay together and make this thing work."

In addition to high tech security measures, Hubbard recommends networking. "One merchant will call another merchant, and say 'Hey we're having a problem or something's going on and then every merchant kind of keeps an eye out for the others."

The seminars going on later this month at Arkansas Northeastern College in the Statehouse Hall Governors Ballroom from 6-8 p.m. are on home security and identity theft. For more information about the seminars, contact the Blytheville Police Department at 870-762-0405.

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