A new substation could reduce outage times during winter weather

BLACK OAK, AR (KAIT) - Construction will begin soon in the town of Black Oak.

Craighead Electric will begin building on a three-acre plot in the rural community within the next couple months.

The town will host a brand-new substation, but the specific location is still unknown.

Regardless of the location, Monty Williams of Craighead Electric says overall customer satisfaction should improve.

"Quicker response time, better quality service, less outages and quicker outages. Not as long outages I guess you could say."

This new hub is expected to serve the entire county east of the St. Francis River.

"...from Red Onion to Rivervale. It's going to be covering all that area."

The distribution of electricity will be spread more evenly, making it easier for substations to share the load.

"One circuit may have been fifteen miles, and now it may be only five or ten miles"

That means less energy would be lost during transmission.

At this time, plans are still being drawn up.

But Williams hopes the weather will continue to cooperate.

"January is usually when we get our snow and stuff. We're hoping that we sneak by this year."

That way, ground-breaking can begin once those plans are finalized.