Huge response Saturday morning to reported overflow of animals

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- The Jonesboro Animal Control Office Saturday reported a huge response to a story that aired on KAIT Friday night. Animal Control Director Sgt. Larry Rogers told Region 8 News Saturday morning that 17 vehicles were lined up at their office with the interest in adopting animals. Even with the surge in interest, the need for adoption is huge.

It was just a week ago, we were addressing the record number of pet adoptions for 2011 at Jonesboro Animal Control. But this week, the shelter is facing another new record with the maximum number of animals the shelter has seen this time of year. But those who work for the shelter are frustrated because it seems they took one step forward and then three steps back.

"We are just so crowded. Every office we have right now is filled with puppies," said Rogers. Seven litters of puppies to be exact, three brought in just yesterday. And what has Rogers even more puzzled, it's not even breeding season. "It's never happened to us before this time of year," said Rogers.

But besides that, the number of adoptable dogs at the shelter is filled to the max. Cages that would normally hold just one dog, now houses up to four. And what Rogers says is upsetting, the likely hood that the mother of the litters finds a good home. "Everyone will want her puppies, but no one will want to give her a chance and it's just too bad," said Rogers.

It's a concern that might force Rogers to make some tough decisions. He says they will hold and evaluate an animal for five working days and then they'll move it over to the adoption side. Rogers says, right now, they have several animals in holding, but with the adoption side already over-crowded. He says the shelter could be forced to euthanize adoptable pets.

"We interact with the animals. We take them out, we play with them. Pretty soon these animal feel like our own pets and then if they don't get adopted out. It's like putting down your own pet," said Rogers.

Rogers says they received 12 more dogs just on Friday. He's asking for people to please come out to help save these animals, or they will be forced to put a large number of them down. For more information about contacting Jonesboro Animal Control just go to

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