Statistics show women are safer drivers than men

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Men and women have long debated who is better behind the wheel, but new numbers may indicate the winner of this battles of the sexes.

Men may have to swallow their pride because insurance and traffic-related statistics prove women are better drivers. Several motorists in Jonesboro, however, are less than surprised.

"I'm mostly calm, a calm driver," Amber Terry said before her friend interrupted her.

"She gets a little angry and turns into Speed Racer," Alex Roberts said, laughing.

Roberts called Terry out for her lead foot, but she's never gotten a speeding ticket. The same cannot be said for him.

"Yeah, yeah, I've gotten a few (tickets)," Roberts said. "It's mostly like going a little fast, something like that, nothing too crazy."

Numbers nationwide reveal who is actually safer behind the wheel. Women are statistically proven to get in fewer wrecks. A study by Quality Planning, an insurance statistics company, found female drivers are 27 percent less likely to be found at fault after an accident.

The U.S. Department of Transporation also determined women are far less likely to get cited for traffic violations, including speeding and driving under the influence.

"I just try to fly under the radar all the time," Brandi Davenport of Jonesboro said. "That's it."

Davenport got a speeding ticket several years ago, but she's learned from her mistake.

"I try to abide by the speed limit, make the kids wear the seat belts," she added, "just follow the rules of the road."

Women are able to take that tendency to be more cautious right to the bank. Insurance prices tend to be cheaper for female drivers. According to, women in Arkansas pay almost $100 less for insurance coverage than men on average.

"I just always keep my seat belt buckled and follow the rules like I always do," Rodney Adams of Jonesboro said.

Not every guy takes risks on the road. Adams has never gotten into an accident or received a ticket, but he calls his wife's driving "alright."

The statistics are pretty straight forward in naming women safer drivers than men, but why is this? Experts say men are more aggressive behind the wheel. They're more likely to take risks, and, therefore, more likely to make mistakes.

"I think women, just overall, are just a little bit more cautious. I think that reflects in their driving," Alex Roberts noted. "I think men are reckless."

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