Pocahontas residents celebrate Martin Luther King Day

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - It is a day where many across the nation and Region 8 reflect on the legacy of a man who had a dream of equality.

A special M-L-K program and march took place in Pocahontas Monday morning. A large number of youth from area schools attended the event, along with residents from the community.  Our cameras were rolling as we followed along side the march.

Jan Ziegler has taken part in the M-L-K March in Pocahontas since it originated in 2004 and it's something she's been able to share with her grandchildren. "They were babies when they started coming out. They've learned a lot about the heritage of Dr. King and African American heritage," said Ziegler.

Ziegler says she was a senior in high school when the civil rights leader was assassinated in 1968. "We were practicing for our senior play and one of the other students ran in and said Dr. King got assassinated.  At the time, a lot of people unfortunately didn't realize how big of a tragedy that was," said Ziegler.

Of all the years she's attended, Ziegler says never seen such a large turn out. "I think we are a unique community in that way.  Because while we don't have a large African American population, we have a vibrant one.  Things have change because of the Eddie Mae Herron Center organizing things like this," said Ziegler.

The march was all to symbolize equality, a dream Dr. King hoped to one day accomplish. "I'm glad to live in a community where my grand kids can see positive examples of how to live together," said Ziegler.

And with every step, Ziegler reflected on the progress made over the past several decades and the growth still to come in the future. "They've changed phenomenally, but that doesn't mean everything is the way it needs to be," said Ziegler.

The march and M-L-K program was organized by the Eddie Mae Herron Center and Museum, which is historically marked having been the only segregated school in Pocahontas.@

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