Family recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning

SENATH, MO (KAIT) - Three Senath residents are recovering after being hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning Sunday morning.

Senath police chief Omar Karnes said the Senath ambulance service responded to a call from a 17-year-old who found her dad lying on the floor barely breathing.

Karnes said the family was using a stove to heat the house when first responders rescued the father and mother from the house. "By the time the ambulance got there they figured out it was carbon monoxide. They were using a cook stove to heat with, an unvented cook stove."

Smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector are installed throughout the home of Senath fireman Chuck Clark. Clark said he knows first hand what the odorless gas can do. "Within just a few moments while I was battling the blaze and our guys were packing up to take over, I just got too much in that short period of time and I ended up spending about 24, 36 hours in the hospital over it."

He cautions that people could mistake carbon monoxide poisoning for something else. "If they have a ventless heater, they're heating with an oven and they feel the flu-like symptoms, kind of achy, kind of sleepy, those are primal signs," Clark said.

If anyone experiences these symptoms, Clark said to turn off all the heating units, open windows and doors and vacate the premises before calling 911.

"Get outside because you have been exposed to some carbon monoxide already."

The family in Senath was able to get out of the house. "The two ladies were treated and released yesterday afternoon. The gentleman spent the night in ICU. He has been moved to another room today, but he's still in guarded condition," said Chief Karnes.

Doctors at Twin Rivers Medical Center released the mother and daughter from the hospital Sunday afternoon.

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