Children's Shelter receives donation

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The Children's Shelter in Walnut Ridge got a much needed donation on Monday.

Representatives from Wal-Mart came out to give them a check for twenty-five thousand dollars.

President of the Board of Directors, Judy Turnbull, says this money is going to go to good use.

"Our kids are going to benefit from this grant, tremendously, " Turnbull said. "When they come to us they are stripped of their care givers, sometimes their siblings, their schools, their friends and other relatives. Their self esteem is very low. This grant that Wal-Mart has provided will be used solely for a program called Kids Connection To. This grant will provide the salary for the facilitator of this program and this program will teach our children that they are somebody. That they can do anything."

Store Manager of the Wal-Mart location in Walnut Ridge, Kari Shanks, says she thinks the donation made to the shelter is wonderful.

"I'm proud to work for a corporation that has these kind of programs available to help out local communities, " Shanks said. "You know, sometimes it's hard to find funds where maybe a larger area might have a easier time. But the company stepped up and did the right thing for these kids."

Turnbull says the children that come to the shelter have often lost everything they know and are unsure and scared.

"They are devastated when they come here, " Turnbull stated. "They've lost so much. This program is going to help them. They need to know that they are just like anybody else. That they can do anything. This is to help them with their self awareness, self confidence, enhance their social competence and their sense of purpose."

Though the shelter is located in Walnut Ridge, they take in children from all over.

"Even though we're located in Walnut Ridge and Lawrence County, we serve any displaced child from any county in the entire state of Arkansas, " Turnbull said.

Shanks believes due to the number of children who come to the shelter from all over, people need to continue to support them with continual support.

"The need is constant," Shanks said. "We don't ever want to quit supporting the shelter. It won't ever end. There's always going to be a need and what is does for the children that can't help themselves is wonderful."

The shelter has managed to help over four hundred children in twenty-five counties since they first opened the shelter's doors in 2009.

For more information about the Children's Shelter, log onto this website.

For additional information about Wal-Mart, log onto their site.

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