Warm winter hurting heating and cooling businesses

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Your heater may not be working nearly as hard this winter to keep your home feeling comfortable.

You may even notice a slight drop in your gas or electric bill.

The warm start to winter is slowly choking the heating and air business.

Keith Glaub of Arkansas Air says his service calls are down.

"Sixty degree temperatures means there's not much heat breakage. And even so, with the holidays we just went through, everybody's experiencing problems with finances."

Even though Glaub enjoys the mild weather, he says he needs a cold winter to sustain his business.

"Temperature completely dictates the workload in this industry. Old winter just hasn't shown up yet."

Glaub blames a troubled economy just as much as warm weather for the slump.

He says business has steadily declined over the years.

"People will just use alternate forms of heat rather than having to call the repairman and spend a large amount of money."

Many are tightening their budgets and looking for cheaper, more temporary fixes.

"People are getting a $300, $400 utility bill. And with budgets the way they are, that's just tough."

Keith says there are things you can do to reduce repair costs and keep your heater system running.

"Regular check-ups twice a year, spring and fall. They're very affordable. You spend about a hundred dollars each time."

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